Create your Own Skins: Step-by-Step

15 08 2007

PLEASE NOTE: These are the OLD instructions. There is now a MUCH SIMPLER WAY. Don’t waste your time looking here any further. This is ridiculously difficult in comparison!

For those who like to dabble with digital images, Stu’s Double Jeopardy offers the exciting feature of having a total makeover done by you, the user. And it’s not too difficult to do either – just follow this step-by-step guide.

So, what do you need to make a Stu’s Double Jeopardy Skin? Basically, it’s just a folder that contains a bunch of JPEG images named a specific way and formatted to specific sizes. If you can do that, you’ve made yourself a new skin. You can use any photo editing tool to produce the necessary image files – from top-of-the-line Adobe Photoshop to any number of free tools like PhotoFiltre or The GIMP.

Jeopardy skins you create should preferably follow some kind of theme. Sure, you can have a whole bunch of random images that make up your Jeopardy game, but what’s the point?  So, let’s go through all the images that you’ll need to create to make your own skins –

The Background Image:background.jpg (891×598)

Name: background.jpg Size: 891 x 598 pixels
This image sits behind the game board and is slowly revealed as the game progresses. Your task – find or make a good quality picture of at least this size and resize/crop it to exactly 891×598, then save it as background.jpg, preferably as the highest quality (not compressed).

The Question Buttons:

OK, I lied. I said it’s not too difficult to make a skin, but this bit can be hard if you don’t really know what you are doing. What you need to do is create 30 images, all exactly the same size and all named specifically:Question Button (130×117)

Names: jeopardyXX.jpg (where XX are the numbers 01 through 30) Size: 130 x 117 pixels
The images can all be the same picture with different dollar values shown, or they could be all different pictures that are totally unrelated, or they could be a single photo sliced up into 30 rectangles each 130×117 pixels in size. If you choose to “slice” up a photo, start with a photo that is exactly 780 x 585 pixels in size then go and get the trial version of “Total Image Slicer” (free for 30 days) – that’s what I use. Tell it to slice the photo into six-across by five-down. Tell it to name the files as JeopardyXX.jpg and hey presto, you’ll get Jeopardy01 through Jeopardy30 in one fell swoop! If you really like the software, why not buy it? It’s not that expensive. The next thing is to get the dollar values onto the buttons. Jeopardy01 through 06 MUST be set as $200, 07-12 must be $400 etc, all the way through to $1000. How you get the numbers onto those images is up to you. You can use any old photo editing software such as those described above. The font I used for the numbers is similar to that used on the actual Jeopardy gameshow and you can get it here. You are not restricted to using that font. Feel free to use whatever you like, but the main thing is it needs to be easily readable.

For those people who have access to and know how to use Adobe’s Fireworks image editor, here is a great Fireworks Template for Creating Your Own Skins.

The Final Jeopardy Button:Final Jeopardy button (386×265)

The last image you’ll need (there are 32 in total with this one), is the Final Jeopardy! button.

Name: finaljeopardy.jpg Size: 386 x 265 pixels
This button is displayed before the last question of the game and probably should encompass the overall theme you are trying to get across with your skin. It should also include the words “Final Jeopardy!” on the image. Again, I usually use the Gyparody font, but you can use whatever goes with the theme of your skin.

Putting it all together:

Now, open the Jeopardy folder on your computer (or server, wherever it’s installed), then open the Skins folder.  Inside that, you need to make a new folder with an appropriate name for your skin. For example, if it’s about the Manchester United Football Club, call your folder “Manchester Utd(don’t make the name unnecessarily long).  Then just copy all 32 images you’ve prepared into that folder.  To see your skin in action, just run Jeopardy as normal, open one of the saved quizzes and click on the Skins menu and double-click your new Skin name you’ll see in the list. It will instantly appear if you’ve done everything right.

Sharing your skin:

Now that you’ve made your own skin for Jeopardy, maybe other Jeopardy users would like to use it too!  All you have to do now is ZIP that folder you made and then email it to (replace AT with @) as an attachment and I’ll add it to the list of skins at the site for others to download. If you send me your name, I’ll credit you for creating the skin as well. Please – NO inappropriate skins – they will not get published.

How do you “zip” a folder? You can use WinZip that you have to pay for, or you can use 7-Zip for free! You basically run the program and select the folder you created and it will make a single zip file out of that folder and all its contents. When people download it from the Jeopardy site, they just unzip it into their Jeopardy\Skins folder and it will be available for their use!

So what are you waiting for? Start making your own cool Jeopardy skins! Tell us all about them below, or if you have any questions, just ask in the comments box at the bottom.




12 responses

7 02 2008

Hi Stu,

It’s me again… I just figured out what was wrong with my customized skin. I didn’t respect the image size you suggested on your steps that’s why i didn’t want to work. Now that I resized my pics just like you said eveything worked perfectly…Thanks. Stiil waiting for the answer second part of my question. Is it pssible to add your own teams’ names?

Thank you

7 02 2008

Hi Billy. As answered on the FAQ page, unfortunately no, at present, you can’t change the team names, but that is on the list for inclusion in the next update later in the year. Glad you sorted ot the skin. If you think it’s good enough, why not share it?

26 02 2008

I have the image in an email as a jpg image but have no idea how to get it onto the screen. Please help!

26 02 2008

Hi Fiona. Are you actually trying to create a skin for the whole game, or are you trying to insert an imag into a question page? If it’s the latter, you can’t do that in this current version. If it’s the former, you’ll need a lot more than one image. Read the instructions carefully above.

25 03 2008

Everything is working out great except I cannot get the dollar values onto the buttons. Are there any more detailed instructions on achieving this? Thanks!

25 03 2008

Hi Mary,

You need some image editing software to add text to each button. What are you using? You could try The GIMP or Paint.NET – both are free. This process does require some skills with photo editing. If you can’t do it, feel free to send me you skin as is without the numbers and I’ll add them for you (assuming everything else has been done right). Stu.

23 07 2008

i need to add photos into the question boxes for parts identicication classes.

can anyone tell how to do this

24 07 2008

Hi Ray,

Unfortunately this cannot be done with the current version. It is slated for inclusion in a future release.

11 10 2008

This is a great version of Jeopardy, very easy to use. One problem I’m having is that I put the final jeopardy music as FJF.mp3 in the sounds file folder hoping I could use it for the final jeopardy question but it doesn’t play or give me an icon to click to make it play. How do I get it to play? Thanks!

12 10 2008

Hi Susan.

You’re doing two things wrongly here:

1. The filename needs to be JFJ.mp3 – NOT FJF.mp3 – as detailed in step 5 on this page:
2. The JFJ.mp3 file does not go into the SOUNDS folder, it goes into the same folder where your question file is saved. Typically, you should create a separate folder inside the QUIZZES folder for each quiz that uses MP3 files.

Glad you like it. Please share your good quizzes you make!

1 12 2008
Carolyn Boland

Hi Stu
I have finally finished putting together questions & answers for my “Newfie” (Newfoundland, Canada) version. Can’t wait to use your templete. I have them put on a powerpoint one but just came across yours. I will transfer the info over. I have put it together for our “Newfie ladies night” get together I am hosting early next year. I am also working on a Christmas one, for our family party.
I will send them to you when they are completed.
Thanks again
Riverview, NB, Canada

19 08 2013

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