Stu’s Quiz Boxes: The Video

17 08 2008

I decided to put together a short video so that visitors to this site can quickly get an idea of what Stu’s Quiz Boxes is all about.  Then if they are really interested, they can spend some more time going through the many articles here (check the NEWS link at the top for the full list).

Anyway, this brief video is being hosted over at YouTube, so thanks to them for that.


If YouTube is blocked for you and you’d prefer to see a full-size high definition version in Flash, click here.

Let me know what you think in the Comments section for this article.




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27 08 2008

If you have a data projector and want to really engage students in subject matter that they don’t want to learn – use Stu’s Jeopardy game! Once you experience the way kids respond, you’ll be hooked. Preparing the question file is as easy as you could expect it to be and the question file is readily edititable if you do happen to make a mistake.

27 08 2008

Thanks Tony, I’m glad the program’s made a difference for you! If you come up with any quizzes you’d like to share, just send them through.

2 10 2008

This is an amazing Product..Thanks for the update on the pictures that can now be used….I just have one question..>How do you have your website setup with the way that you can post comments, you can see them…and they can be responded to?

2 10 2008

Hey Chambonito! You mean you have not discovered the joys of ? It’s the best blogging platform on the planet. 3GB of free storage and all these great facilities. I highly recommend it.

27 09 2012
Stu´s Quiz Boxes – vytvorte pre svojich žiakov zábavné vedomostné kvízy | Úspešná Škola

[…] Hotové kvízy nájdete tu. Pri tvorbe vám môže pomôcť aj inštruktážne video na tejto stránke. V poslednej časti nášho seriálu sa naučíme tvoriť kvízy s […]

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