Quiz: Thanksgiving

22 11 2008

Title: Thanksgiving Quiz
Author: Brittany Harrison – Chicago, Illinois (USA)
Description: A quiz relating to all things Thanksgiving (includes images)
Suitable For: All ages
Instructions: All downloadable quizzes are ZIP files. Click the Download link below to access this quiz from MediaFire (306KB in size) then save to your Desktop or another folder on your computer. You must then open the downloaded ZIP file and copy (extract) the entire Thanksgiving Quiz folder into your Jeopardy\Quizzes folder. Then open the quiz file with Stu’s Double Jeopardy! PLEASE NOTE: If MediaFire is blocked at your school, you will need to download this quiz using a computer outside school.

[Download from MediaFire]




2 responses

4 10 2010
Penny McKnight

This sounds great. However, before I invest the time, I need to know – can I download a created game onto my flash drive and play it on my SMART board at school? The SMART board is not connected to the Internet.


4 10 2010

Yes you can Penny. Just download the installer and tell it to install to afolder on your flash drive. Then run it from there. Needs no installation at school.

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