Create Your Own Custom Skins: The EASY Way

15 02 2009

For those who like to dabble with digital images, Stu’s Quiz Boxes offers the exciting feature of having a total makeover done by you, the user. And it’s ridiculously simple to do now – just follow this step-by-step guide.

So, what do you need to make a Stu’s Quiz Boxes Skin? Basically, it’s just a folder that contains just three JPEG images named a specific way and formatted to specific sizes. If you can do that, you’ve made yourself a new skin. You can use any photo editing tool to produce the necessary image files – from top-of-the-line Adobe Photoshop to any number of free tools like PhotoFiltre or The GIMP.

Quiz Boxes skins you create should preferably follow some kind of theme. Sure, you can have a whole bunch of random images that make up your Jeopardy game, but what’s the point?  So, let’s go through the images that you’ll need to create to make your own skins –

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Fireworks Template for Creating Your Own Skins

25 01 2009

Recently I received an email from Ann Hodgson from Marrickville High School:

“Hi Stu,

I tried the Total Image Slicer program but found it added unwanted borders to my images (I’m using Vista – maybe that was the problem).  Anyway, as a result I made up two Fireworks templates which cut out much of the drudgery of slicing the image and then adding the text. The text, in particular, remains constant.

The user only needs to add a new image. The slices are already in place and have been correctly named. Feel free to put them on your site if you think they will be useful. I haven’t included detailed instructions – the user would need to be familiar with the Fireworks program and using slices.”

Hey, thanks for that Ann.  Anything that gives users an option is great, and Fireworks (Adobe, formerly Macromedia) is a brilliant image editing tool. Many schools have Adobe Creative Suite, so they’d actually have Fireworks.

You can download Ann’s Jeopardy Skin Templates for Fireworks from this direct link at MediaFire.  NOTE: If MediaFire is blocked at your school, you’ll have to download it from home.

An Excel Template for Creating Quizzes

15 12 2008

I was recently contacted by Craig Lessard, a parent from Panther Run Elementary School in Florida who has not only contributed four new quizzes aimed at the 5th Grade, but in producing those quizzes, he also constructed something I never really thought of.

Jeopardy Quiz Template

Microsoft Excel is a great tool that can be used for all kinds of things. Craig realised it could be a great way of compiling Quiz Boxes quizzes. This neat single page printout can either be used as a paper template, or you can type straight into it in Excel.  Then it’s a pretty easy job to Copy/Paste into the Quiz Boxes Question Editor.

And of course, like everything else at this site, it’s free and customizable!  Thanks Craig!

Download the Excel Template for Jeopardy  (requires MS Excel 2000 or later).

Creating Quiz Boxes Quizzes through Critical Thinking

16 11 2008

High quality Quiz Boxes quizzes aren’t necessarily easy to produce. If they were, I’m sure I’d have a lot more quizzes available at this site for download. But the activity of creating quizzes is a lesson in critical thinking in itself. Highly educational and promoting teamwork.  And as a classroom activity, creating a Quiz Boxes quiz can be almost as enjoyable as playing Quiz Boxes!


For a start, if you want a full game, you have to come up with 30 questions (and answers) and one Quiz Boxes Breaker question.  Furthermore, the questions need to range in difficulty within each category, from easier to harder as the dollar amounts increase. This is where the challenge for question makers comes in.

But to make it easier, Jenny Cottle (one of the quiz contributors to this site) has shared a “Question-Starter Chart” that she found at Education Oasis – a simple single page that you (and your class) can use to get your Quiz Boxes quizzes going.  And remember, when you’ve made your great Quiz Boxes quiz, Share it with the World!

Make an MP3 Quiz Boxes Game!: Step by Step

21 08 2007

Have you discovered yet that the free download of Stu’s Quiz Boxes includes a multimedia quiz game that uses an MP3 file for every question? The MP3 Song Lyrics Quiz lets you play a special type of Quiz Boxes game, in this case one that wants you to name the Title and Artist from a displayed lyrics snippet. But if you can’t get the song from the lyrics alone, Quiz Boxes can play that snippet for you!

MP3 Song Lyrics Quiz

See the CD Music icon above the question? You click it and it plays the question’s attached MP3 file automatically, bringing a whole new dimension to Stu’s Quiz Boxes  Here’s how you can create your own multimedia quiz:

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Quiz Making: A Whole Class Activity

16 08 2007

Why is it that so many teachers think they need to create every resource that their class will use? Now you have Stu’s Quiz Boxes as an educational and fun activity for the class to play to help with reviewing subjects, why not consider getting the class to actually create the quizzes?

  • Classes can create quizzes for themselves
  • Classes can create quizzes for other classes at the school
  • Classes can create quizzes to publish at this site and share with the world!

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Create your Own Quizzes: Step-by-Step

16 08 2007

Making a Quiz Boxes Quiz file is really simple, but making a  great Quiz Boxes Quiz file is not so simple and requires some planning. Quiz Boxes is a game of Categories. There are six categories. Each category has five questions in it. The questions all have a dollar value, from $200 to $1000. The cheaper questions should be easier and the more expensive ones should be harder. So in total, you’ll need to write a total of thirty (30) questions…and answers.  Then you’ll need one more question for the Quiz Boxes Breaker.

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