Quiz: A Christmas Quiz

22 11 2010
Title: A Christmas Quiz
Author: Bernadette Bennett, Newcastle, NSW Australia
Description: A quiz about Christmas to end the year with a bit of fun
Suitable For: Primary School age children (8-11 years)
Instructions: All downloadable quizzes are ZIP files. Click the Download link below to access this quiz (2MB in size) then save to your Desktop or another folder on your computer. You must then open the downloaded ZIP file and copy (extract) the entire MP3 Music Quiz folder into your QuizBoxes\Quizzes folder. Then open the quiz file with Stu’s QuizBoxes! PLEASE NOTE: If MediaFire is blocked at your school, you will need to download this quiz using a computer outside school.



Skin: Christmas

15 02 2009
Title: Christmas
Created by: Stu Hasic
Description: A cheery Christmas skin
Suitable For: Quizzes about Christmas and the holiday season, or for any quizzes held around Christmas time.
Instructions: All skins are self-extracting installers. Click the Download link below and you will be taken to MediaFire from where you can download the file and save to your Desktop or another folder on your computer. Then run the downloaded installer file and tell it to install into your Jeopardy\Skins folder.



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