QuizBoxes 5.0 Released!

1 10 2013

Yes I know, it was a long time coming.  For now, the big new feature in QuizBoxes is “Images or Photos on the Answer screens”!

If your question has an image file called J3-4.jpg, then you can now also have an ANSWER image file called J3-4A.jpg – basically, make sure your answers are identically named to your question files, but with a A before the .jpg.  If you have a QuizBoxes Breaker question (at the end) and have a JFJ.jpg question image, you can have an answer image for that final question as well, just call it JFJA.jpg.  It will all appear as your question images do.  Same limitations on image size as for questions.  See that article in the Instructions section for more info on using images in QuizBoxes.

Download the latest version on the DOWNLOAD page.  NOTE that the link to Download.com’s site will take a few days to get the latest version, so it’s best to use the second (blue) download link.

Hope you like it.


Jeopardy v3.201 Released

24 12 2008

A few minor bug-fixes were completed including one relating to Daily Doubles.  Previously, the highest amount anyone could wager on a Daily Double or on Final Jeopardy was $9,999. This has been increased to cover the highest possible score anyone can accumulate in a normal game, or $99,999. Thanks to Ces for identifying this little glitch.

If you already have Stu’s Double Jeopardy, just download the Upgrade file from the Downloads Page (instead of the Full Installation).  When you run Stu’s Double Jeopardy, click About from the menu at the top and it should say v3.2.0.1 if you’ve installed it correctly.

Jeopardy v3.2 – Name Your Teams!

7 12 2008

Stu’s Double Jeopardy! is the only free game maker program that has a built-in scorebooard that allows for up to six teams or players to play. But until now, those teams were called Team 1, Team 2 Team 3 and so on.  With Stu’s Double Jeopardy v3.2, you get the ability to add names to your teams/players and those names will be displayed throughout the game.

Right after you tell the program how many players/teams will be playing, you’ll see a window allowing you to enter the names you’d like to have for your players.


Then whenever you see the scoreboard, those names will be displayed and whenever Stu’s Double Jeopardy refers to a specific Team/Player, it will refer to them by their name.


So what are you waiting for? Go get the upgrade from the Downloads page!

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